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AMade in Blender 2.83. She has a couple outfits and all parts are textured including normals. She also has a fully featured rig to make a range of expressions and animations, and the GUI picker is fun to use. It’s amazing to see her come to life.

Model information: The model is medium resolution and all meshes are UV unwrapped. Each mesh has a subdivision surface modifier in the off position so it’s easier to manipulate. Turn this on for each mesh for a higher quality render.

Verts: 190,000
Tris: 352,000
Meshes: 22
Clothing Information: Clothes rests over the nude body mesh. With this strategy, new clothes can be made for Anya. Each clothing piece is rigged and textured, and can be toggled on and off in the outliner.

Clothing meshes: 6
File types:

Blender – native file, medium resolution, fully rigged and textured
OBJ – medium resolution, Textured
FBX – medium resolution, Textured
STL – high resolution
Textures: 37 in total. All needed texture types such as diffuse, specular, normal, bump, etc..

4096*4096 for main textures like body and hair.
2048*2048 for other textures like the clothing items.
Extra: There are bonus photoshop files to make your own clothes textures.
Rig information: The rig has many features like IK/FK snaps and a GUI Picker with a picture of Anya’s face and more. For all of the features to work, it requires the included plugins. The rig was made with Autorig Pro. It’s a great rig to work with. There is more information on how it works here:

Partial list of rig features:

IK/FK snaps for hands and feet,
Head locking
Elbow and Knee pinning
Foot roll
Heel lift (tiptoes)
Bendy bone limbs (great to tweak elbows, knees, armpits and pelvis when joints are sharply bent, but there are also shapekeys to help with that)
Shapekeys with drivers (to help alleviate over pinched arms and legs)
Pose library with facial expressions

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Valorant 3D Models Free Download – Sage
Valorant 3D Models Free Download – Sage
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