Zombie John Rigged 3D Model Free Download

This Zombie is a high quality model. The model has a fully textured design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2012 and rendered with V-Ray.


-High quality polygonal model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object.

-Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency. In 3ds Max, the Meshsmooth function can be used to increase mesh resolution if necessary.

-Model is fully textured with all materials applied.

-All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format.

-No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.

-No cleaning up necessary just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.

-No special plugin needed to open scene.

-Model does not include the light rig, any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images.

File Formats:

– 3ds Max 2012 V-Ray


– 3DS


Model is built to real-world scale

Units used: cm

You can download scene file was used for rendering. This file include V-ray lights and camera ready for rendering.

3ds Max file includes mesh and three materials:

1. Zombie_Clothes ( VRayMtl )

2. Zombie_Hair ( VRayMtl)

3. Zombie_Skin ( VRayFastSSS2 )

The character is rigged and skinned (Biped + Skin).

Facial animation controlled by Morpher modifier. Morpher is wired to viewport sliders. Facial animation is controlled with 4 morph targets.The model has no animation keys set up, but can be easily animated with assigned morph targets and bips.

Textures format:

– Zombie_Diffuse.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Reflect.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Fresnel.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Glossiness.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Refract.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Opacity.png 4096×4096

– Zombie_Normal.png 4096×4096

– Hair_Diffuse.png 2048×2048

– Hair_Reflect.png 2048×2048

– Hair_Glossiness.png 2048×2048

– Hair_Opacity.png 2048×2048

– Hair_Normal.png 2048×2048

Warning: Depending on which software package you are using, the exchange formats (.obj, ‘3ds’ and .fbx) may not match the preview images exactly. Due to the nature of these formats, there may be some textures that have to be loaded by hand and possibly triangulated geometry.



Zombie John Rigged 3D Model Free Download
Zombie John Rigged 3D Model Free Download
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