3D Futuristic City Free Download

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Over 130 buildings.
I recommend a must-download video preview, for a fuller understanding of the volume of the scene and possible angles.
This scene uses normal maps to reduce the number of polygons.
All render are made with VRay.
The Hdri sky is not included in the texture set.
One animated camera is present in the scene.
Trees and some objects are in ‘display as box’ mode.
For the convenience of working in the viewport, you can also convert trees and flowers to a proxy.

Main Textures: 4K-8K
Cameras: 1
Lights: 684
Sun: 1
Shapes: 27
Objects: 8872

The Max, FBX and OBJ archives do not contain textures, and you can download them in a separate file on the right side of the screen in additional.
3DS MAX: If the delay occurs during rendering, definitely need to reset to Default scanline, and then again to transfer to VRAY mode!



3D Futuristic City Free Download
3D Futuristic City Free Download
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